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Saturday 20 July, 3:00pm
Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Boundary Road, Ooralea

Welcome to "Swoop, Twist, Swir!l” – an electrifying program that promises to take you on a captivating musical journey through the visionary compositions of six contemporary composers: Holly Harrison, Harry Sdraulig, Louisa Trewartha, Joe Twist, Eric Ewazen and Giacinto Scelsi.

This concert celebrates the vibrant voices of some of Australia's young composers, presenting single-movement works which showcase the diverse talent emerging from the country's musical landscape. Holly Harrison's "Swoop" draws inspiration from the spirited rhythms of bluegrass music intertwined with the playful antics of a family of crows in her backyard. Harry Sdraulig's "Swirl" bursts with rhythmic energy, inviting listeners into a whirlwind of sound and motion. Joe Twist's "Dancing with Somebody" offers a poignant exploration of the life, rise, and fall of a pop diva, weaving together themes of fame, glamour, and vulnerability, while Louisa Trewartha's trumpet work "Telegram" showcases the astonishing abilities of the trumpet. 

That's right! In a first for Mackay, we proudly feature the trumpet and its kaleidoscope of colours, contrasts, power, and lyricism - prepare to be enchanted by Timothy Francis' soulful and masterful playing in some gorgeous works for solo trumpet, alongside Eric Ewazen's Quintet for Trumpet and Strings.

This spectacular concert will be sure to ignite the imagination, and celebrate some of our leading contemporary voices! 


SCELSI, Giacinto - Four Pieces for solo trumpet, I. 
HARRISON, Holly - Swoop

SCELSI, Giacinto - Four Pieces for solo trumpet, II. 
SDRAULIG, Harry - Swirl
TREWARTHA, Louisa - Telegram
TWIST, Joe - Dancing with Somebody


        EWAZEN, Eric - Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet and Strings

Glenn Christensen, Doretta Balkizas, Henry Justo, Simon Cobcroft, Timothy Francis


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